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Genealogy Assessment Form

Answer as many as you possibly can of the following questions to help us identify your particular ancestor.
*Please note that we carry out research for the Counties Cork, Kerry and Limerick only.

This form can also be printed and posted with your details to Gregory Genealogical Research (see Contact Page). Please attach any additional relevant details with the printed document. Cheques and postal orders made payable to Gregory Genealogical Research.

Please choose one of the following two options:  
(1) For a fee of €30 we will assess your submission and give you a plan for further research by Gregory Genealogical Research.

For a fee of €30 we will outline a detailed research plan for you to undertake on your own.


For a fee of €30 we will carry out assessment for record searches.

Sender's Email:
Sender's Name:
Name of Irish Born Ancestor
Religious Denomination
Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy)
Ancestor's Irish address

Names of ancestor's parents:
  • Mother (maiden name)
  • Father
Place of ancestor's marriage in Ireland Date
Name of ancestor's spouse (if married in Ireland):

Name, date and place of birth of any children born in Ireland :
Name child_1 DOB Place of Birth:
Name child_2 DOB Place of Birth:
Name child_3 DOB Place of Birth:
Ancestor's place of death : Ancestor's date of death:
Ancestor's date of emigration :
Any other relevant information :
What sources have you already searched for your information?
Rates for an assessment from us  
Stg 25.00  
Aus $ 40.00  
Canadian $40.00